Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Video of Night of the Stars

Here's a link to our performance.  Excuse all the screaming, those were our crazed fans.  :)


Night of the Stars

Before leaving for Disney World back in August I made sure Scottie, Cindy and I had our clogging shoes packed away just in case we had the opportunity of dancing somewhere.  We heard there was a talent show, so our first day of orientation we double checked with the activities peeps and they said there would be one and we would know when it was.  Scottie did a good job at looking out for it, and when we found auditions were a few weeks away we began cutting music and choreographing. 

Cindy graduated from BYU in dance, so she knows all about choreographing from her classes (and she did an amazing job on her senior project last year).  Having worked together for over 2 years while on the touring team at BYU, we all kind of follow the same process of learning dances and working together.  It was a combination effort, and we included a lot of inside moves from previous dances, goofing around over the years, and just our fun personalities in the dance.

As the audition time came closer, we found it hard to work rehearsals in with our busy schedules, and we also found no empty slots during the audition days.  So, one Saturday after having cleaned the church, we stayed and used the gym to finish half of the dance and make our audition video.  Our audition video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inSGvwkTEkQ  Now, keep in mind, we finished choreographing THAT DAY!  And all three of us waited anxiously to see if we were selected to be in the show.  The next weekend we got the e-mail telling us we were.  :)

The weeks went by, and we didn't rehearse...finally when we discovered we had one week before the show, we decided to buckle down and get to work.  We got together, figured out our schedules, and made time to rehearse.  I think Scottie sacrificed the most, he had all night rehearsals for the Christmas Castle show.  The day of the show this was Scottie's schedule.  Wednesday night rehearsal from 10pm-7am.  Thursday we had to be at the venue from 7am-the end of the show (roughly 8:30).  Then Scottie had Castle rehearsal from 10pm-7am.  He didn't sleep for quite some time, but despite how tired he was, he was a good sport about it!

Cindy and I spent all of our Wednesday off making t-shirts for rehearsals the next day and for our VIP's.  We were allowed 3 VIP's each, so we made sure we got all the important people there, and they looked good.  The back of the shirts say "Magical Snagicals", (another inside joke with folk dance). 

The day of the show we were at the venue in Disney's Hollywood Studios from 7am to 8:30pm.  We weren't allowed to leave the park at all, and we had 2 rehearsals before the show, the first one tech, and the second was a run through of the show. 

Cindy and I got to the venue in the morning and as we walked on stage I said to her, "This is just like PAC!  Except, I don't have to run and tape the chords from the back of the theater to the stage!" 

We felt like we had come home!  All day long it was as if we were just doing another show with PAC, in another venue.  Half the time I expected Ed to start yelling something for the whole team, or to look up and see Mattie and Katie dancing around on stage, or hear the band playing around on their instruments in the greenroom.  However, there was all new people, and we spent our time talking to them, watching their talents, and encouraging everyone in their performance.  It was kind of bizarre, a lot of the performers were nervous, but for the three of us, this was just another show. 

As the show got closer we reminded each other that we just were glad to dance, and even though Scottie was in the competition to win it, I was just happy to be there with two of my best friends, performing on stage once again. 

Dinner was provided for us before the show began.  It was sitting out on a table and Cindy, Scottie and I stood and looked at it and I said, "Do either of you expect to have a blessing on this?" even though we all knew it wasn't going to happen.  It was really weird when they said, "K, you guys can go ahead and eat."  It was really bizarre. 

We performed second to last.  Me being the folk dance nerd I am, said we should do a little thought before we went on, and have a prayer and a warm up.  We went outside and on Cindy's phone watched a tribute of President Hinckley on youtube.  Afterwords I told them not to forget all we had learned while performing at BYU, and that was to share the light of Christ through our dance, to be happy and celebrate our lives and talents we had been give.  We warmed up (included "Called to Serve), we prayed, and we had a cheer before going on, just like we have done over the past years.

It was so much fun to be on stage again.  We milked it for all it was worth, and just enjoyed every second of it.  Our VIP's were on the second row, being as loud as they could possibly be, giving us even more energy to perform.

When the judges scores had been tallied we went back out on the stage with the other performers.  There were 4 trophies awarded: Best Singer, Best Instrumental, Best Dance, and Best Overall.  As they gave out the trophies I just knew that if we didn't get the Best Dance, we'd get Best Overall.  When the Best Dance award was given, Cindy and looked at each other and we both knew.  They called our names for Best Overall and gave us the trophy!  Our friends in the crowd went berserk!  We were all so excited!  Pictures were taken and congratulations and thank you's were exchanged.  One of the emcee's came up to us and said he was impressed with our attitudes throughout the entire day.  He said we were all so happy and full of fun both on and off stage.  Little did he know, that's just how we do.  :)

Here are some pictures form the night.

 Ending Pose.  (notice we think we're number 1 no matter what)  :)
 Us with the trophy and the two emcee's. 
 All our supporting/adoring fans.  The white shirts are the VIP's. 
  And we couldn't resist getting this picture taken.  :)

It was such a good night and so much fun all day.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to perform, and for the talents God has given and blessed me with.  I'm especially grateful for the opportunity I had to be at BYU and to improve my talents, that I could go out and share them with two of my best friends at Disney World!  I hope for the opportunity to do so again in the future.  Most of all, I hope that we were good examples of our church and of our University. 

I got an e-mail a few days later from one of the girls in charge of putting the whole thing together.  In it she said, "Congrats again!  ... Our whole team also wants to thank you three for being such fun to work with and so supportive of our mediocre dancing skills all day.  We really did appreciate it and were genuinely happy when you were chosen as the winners." (the four of them did a little dance at the end, with some moves I'll be acquiring in my future dancing life.)

It was so much fun and I was so happy to just be on stage again!  What a blessing dance can be, I just love it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Living the life of a Princess at Disney World!

Yesterday my roommate Cindy and I got all dressed up and went to the Magic Kingdom!  It was so much fun, we called it our "Princess Day" because that's what we are, princesses.  Of course, every girl is, because we're all daughters of a king.  :)  We didn't get to meet all the princesses, but we're planning on going back and meeting the rest!  
FYI: Repunzel is by far my favorite. 

 Not only that, but we couldn't miss taking pictures with Mickey and Minnie!  :)

And it's almost been two years, but I'm still blogging!  (kinda doubt anyone will read this, but at least I've done SOMETHING today)  Now, I'm off to work!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So it's been awhile...

I normally like putting pictures up with my blogs, but I lost my camera chord and it is just to much work to go to borrow my roommates computer to download the pictures, save them on an external hard drive, and put them on my computer. Maybe I'm just a bit lazy...but oh well. :)
Everything is going well. I'm very excited to get out of Provo for the rest of this week and go back home. Christmas Around the World is about to come off, so we've just been having run through's in class-which is one of the things I like the most. I love this time of year and I can't wait for all the fun events to come! Thanksgiving, Christmas Around the World, Christmas, New Years, and all that jazz!
That's really all I have right now. I'll try post more often, and not even worry about the pictures. Unless I find a more convenient way to do pictures...I'll figure it out. That's all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Before the Summer Ends

Tomorrow is the last day of summer and I'm sad to see it go. This summer has been AMAZING, beginning with China, staying at home, and ending back at BYU. Here are a few pictures to recap what exactly I've been up to for the past few months.

First of all China. I learned a lot in my first International Experience. The most important thing I learned was how blessed I am to live in America and to have everything that I own. From family, to the Gospel, and to freedom.

After China I had the chance to come to BYU and be a councelor for folkdance and clog camp. These are pictures of the groups I worked with. There were 22 girls in my clogging group and it was pretty overwhelming. The ironic thing of it is, almost half of them made up my group last year. I just couldn't get away from them.

I got a new niece this summer!!! Her name is Atley Jacille Jones, and she's the sweetest thing ever! It's been fun to live so close to family and to get to know their girls. This summer was made up of nights at Ty and Megi's, mostly watching "So You Think You Can Dance". Those were some of the most memorable nights this summer.
When Megi's mom and sister came to visit, Mom and I decided to serve lunch to the little girls to give thier mothers a chance to sit down and chat without their cute little faces interrupting. I painted their nails after lunch and this is a picture of them screaming while showing off their nails (sorry you can't actually see the work done...)
I've worked at the pool for the past 6 summer's now. I don't know what my summer would be like without it. Last year the dressing rooms and front area were remodeled and the walls were all white. Trish, my boss, wanted pictures to be painted on the walls of the characters from the books for swimming lessons. The top picture are two of the characters, and the bottom two monkies are my own creation. I don't know why, but as I painted the bottom one I thought of Cade and myself and all the fun summer's we had taking swimming lessons and playing around at the pool. It's secretly me and him when we were little :).


What would my summer be without an end-of-the-season quilt? Last summer I hand quilted one and I really wanted to do another. I really wanted to try and make a rag quilt and this is how it turned out!
Again, I'm sad to see the summer end, but I have it to look forward to again for next year! The plans so far for the upcoming summer season are Disneyland and Nauvoo!!! I'm really excited and am looking forward to those experiences.
There was so much of this summer I was unable to capture on film, including the train bridge, Shoshone Falls, Cauldrin Lynn, the Jones Family Outing, fiddling, and much much more. I'm excited to welcome in a new season, I love to see the world around me change. I'll sure miss the summer though! And here's to one more day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Tour of China

My Trip to China

So it's been a while since I've been home from China, and it's been a while since I've updated my blogg...soooooo...here are some pictures from China! Enjoy!
All of the cities welcomed us graciously into their hotels. This is one of our hotels and this welcome sign was posted out in front.

Or first venue was in an amusement park. It was funny to see all the similarities between what is seen in the US, and what we saw there. What comes to your mind when you first see this picture?
The Great Wall of China was definetaly one of the highlights of the tour. If you look at this picture I'm sitting on the wall, and on the distant mountian in the background you can see the wall on that side as well.
This cute little man was at the bottom of the wall painting pictures of the wall during diffrent seasons. You can see he's working on winter in this picture.
This sign made me a little homesick, although it was nice to know where the potatoes were coming from!!!
We were assigned secret friends on tour and I pulled out Shan'tel's name, she playes the banjo in the band. I didn't have any money to spare to buy a gift, so I decided to fashion my own. The banjo above is made of a bottle cap, a clothes pin, clogging shoe nails, along with athletic and gaffing tape.
The Forbidden City
We performed a few numbers at the Beijing Dance Academy, and the students there performed for us as well. This is me with some of the boys.
A lot of our free time was spent exploring. One day we were walking by a park when we heard music and a framiliar voice. We ran to the park to find a little Chinese band playing Christmas tunes in the park and one of our very own singing a long. Needless to say, we joined in on the fun!
The last city we visited was Hong Kong. There they have "The Avenue of the Stars" where there are a number of handprints of famouse Chinese actors. Here I'm putting my hands where Jackie Chan had done once before.
There just wasn't enough time in Hong Kong to do everything. I gave up a trip to the beach to go see the Temple there, and it was most definetaly worth it!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my pictues from China!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Brand New Blog!!!

Can you believe it? I actually have made a blog! I always thought blogs were for old and married people until my roommate made her own and I realized it can be a fun way to let my family who has moved across the country (sniff) to know what I'm up to. All in all, I discovered it's about time to move on from facebook, even though I'll still have it, and do something else. This should be fun! I hope I can make everything entertaining!